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The Mediterranean Meal Planning Club is live now

Please review the information below to see if the meal planning club is good fit for your lifestyle.

Meal Planning

Get to know the #1 Meal Planning Club

The first of it's kind meal planning resource with a Mediterranean flare - hosted by your favorite Mediterranean Dietitian, Ale Zozos. Your meal recommendations will be custom to you and your goals, including prevention or keeping chronic conditions at bay. Plans start as low as $49/mo.

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Personalized Nutrition Rx

Your personalized nutrition prescription will account for dietary preferences like food avoidances, skill level, family size, and more. These are overlayed on top of your nutrient limits for goals or health conditions including calories, macros, micros, food groups and more. All said and done, your plan will account for 5 million factors, so you know it's personalized for you. 

Grocery List + Online Delivery

Streamline your systems at home and bring your family along for the ride. With your handy meal planning app, shop from your automated grocery list or save up to 90 minutes each week by shopping online and having your groceries delivered to your door. It really is that easy!

On-Demand Meal Recs

On-demand meal recommendations include at home recipes, restaurant meal choices of > 150 popular chains like Starbucks and Chipotle, ready-made food and meal kits. Rest assured all your meal recs fit your nutrition Rx so you can choose a meal based on preference. As an added bonus, the meal planning club adds >7,500 dietitian approved meals directly to your kitchen. 

24/7 Support

Get real-time guidance on your meal plans if building your own or learn how your dietary intake compares to your goals with your comprehensive food tracker and reports. The Nutrition Academy is complete with helpful handouts and videos and our Facebook group serves as ongoing community and support. 

Ready to get started with your new lifestyle? Plans start as low as $49/month.

If you’re like me, you read everything and tried to decipher all the information on your own. Eat this, eat that. Don’t eat this, ect.. It was too much! Ale has helped me to better understand carbs, fat, and protein. She tailored my intake for each of these.”

- Jennifer

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