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I help individuals begin a Mediterranean way of eating to improve insulin resistance, manage diabetes and improve heart health.

This Is Your Year… To take your health back.

Imperfect conditions and all, you are more than ready to lower your A1c, stabilize your blood sugars, and balance out your cholesterol levels. If you’re wondering how this time is different, rest assured this isn’t your average diet program. With sound guidance from your Mediterranean registered dietitian, there is no way you can fail as long as you’re willing to put in the work and learn what real nutrition can do for you.

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Stop trying to change everything about your current lifestyle overnight - that will not end in success.

No need to overwhelm yourself. My program guides you on your journey with small, steady changes that add up for big results. Before monumental changes take place, you need a framework and baseline to launch from. You can’t expect blood sugars to balance themselves out naturally without planning ahead. Plan for the changes you want and need. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to start when you start small.

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Start Your Journey

I show you how to change your life with a balanced plate, yes it is that easy!

Forget about eliminating “bad” foods from your diet. Food has no merit value - food is food - and a Mediterranean lifestyle is the answer you need to achieve your goals. We review the history, the basics, and how to implement this pattern of eating into your current plan without restriction. The best part? You get to enjoy the process while still hitting your health goals.


Imagine your Life 3 Months from Now

Will your A1c be out of the prediabetes range? Will you get off your insulin? Will you feel satiated with fewer cravings? Will you have more energy to spend time with your kids or grandkids? You can have all of these and so many more by betting on yourself and taking action today. Join the Mediterranean Nutrition Lifestyle Coaching program and get the results you’ve always wanted.



“I have Celiac disease, and have eaten well most of my life because of this. I turned 58 this year and it has been a struggle gaining weight due to menopause. I decided to look Ale up, after looking into her program we talked and I joined. I cannot say enough about this lovely woman and how much her course helped me. I own a Restaurant and I was challenged with my time, but Ale was always there as a support system. I learned so much and loved looking forward to our special phone calls. Although I am going through this natural way of menopause, I am accepting it and moving forward with more healthy options and exercise. This is the class to take she is Wonderful.”



There's an easier way to gain control of your health, and I can show you.

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