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Success Stories, Wins and Results from Members of the Mediterranean Nutrition School

Amanda Says:

“I found Ale by accident. I was searching on social media during the pandemic for guidance on the Mediterranean way of life. I am mid 50’s, menopausal, and have high cholesterol. I had been a fad dieter for most of my life with keto being the last one I tried. I did lose weight but my cholesterol went through the roof. I had an appointment with my PCP and she had recommended the Mediterranean way of life. I started in July of 2020 with Ale and learned more in a month or two about nutrition and food groups than I have in my life. I will admit it was a struggle to allow myself to eat certain foods and not feel guilty, as fad dieting makes you believe that certain food groups are not ok to eat. Food freedom is amazing! I tried a lot of new foods and learned how to incorporate them into my diet for good sources of protein or fiber. I had a recheck on cholesterol after 2 or 3 months with Ale and my cholesterol numbers had drastically decreased. No medicine, no fad diet, just eating healthier. Mediterranean will be my way of eating from now on. Ale spends a lot of time “coaching and caring” for you with her program. She listens and answers all of your questions and concerns and NEVER makes you feel guilty. She will always encourage you to set goals but never unrealistic goals. I feel I gained a friend as well as a mentor.”

“I’ve noticed some non-scale victories especially with my workout clothes feeling better on my body. I’m moving at the gym a bit easier, and my mindless eating has come down since incorporating more breakfast”

If you would have told me I’d be down 12 pounds in 3 months eating cheese and pasta 3x per week instead of ignoring my cravings, I would have joined Ale’s Mediterranean Nutrition program months ago!”

Cristian Says:

"Working with Alexandria was a truly transformative experience. Her approach to nutrition, goal setting and lifestyle changes allowed me to make the type of healthy habit improvements I have wanted to make for soo long. I went from ordering food delivery 14 times a week (2 meals/day were takeout!) and being in constant stomach pain into someone who cooks well balanced, satisfying meals that leave my mind and body feeling happy and confident."

“I will say I have a bowel movement daily (something that didn’t happen before), I eat breakfast, lunch AND dinner now. I no longer feel dizzy or “hangry” and I’ve exercised 11/14 day for the past two weeks.”

“I’m very proud and happy with the program. I feel like I’m making better choices like getting more fruits and veggies. I felt very Mediterranean when I went to the grocery store and my buggy was full of fresh items!”

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Theresa Says:

“I have Celiac disease, and have eaten well most of my life because of this. I turned 58 this year and it has been a struggle gaining weight due to menopause. I decided to look Ale up, after looking into her program we talked and I joined. I cannot say enough about this lovely woman and how much her course helped me. I own a Restaurant and I was challenged with my time, but Ale was always there as a support system. I learned so much and loved looking forward to our special phone calls. Although I am going through this natural way of menopause, I am accepting it and moving forward with more healthy options and exercise. This is the class to take she is Wonderful.”


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Are you tired of starting a program only to feel too overwhelmed to make the changes you need? Have you heard too much conflicting nutrition information, you have no idea what’s right? You don’t have to question any longer - get immediate guidance from your Mediterranean diet dietitian. I am currently accepting clients to my signature Mediterranean Lifestyle Coaching program. Join hundreds of clients who stopped hoping and started working for their goals.

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